Changing lives is my passion!

Hi! I’m Gwyneth Montenegro and I am often asked about how I turned my life around from a path in life that I despised, feeling totally disenfranchised and even suicidal… to one of that of a successful entrepreneur and public figure.

International bestselling title

You may have heard about me from one of the media stories around the world for my infamous 2014 international best-selling title 10,000 Men and Counting, which chronicles my life from high priced slavery and low self-worth to escaping and creating a successful online mentoring and coaching business.

The Intimacy Secret and Life Detox

Nowadays as well as creating a hugely successful proprietary profiling system, ‘The Intimacy Secret,’ that helps women identify potentially dangerous partners or ones that should be avoided, I also conduct retreats around the world that help people reinvent their lives. 

I have launched and conducted multiple 30-day Life Detox retreats around the world, where participants reflect and discover what is holding them back and to create long lasting changes for their life. With most of my 2020 calendar of retreats keeping me busy, the highly anticipated online version rapidly nearing its release date… my life couldn’t be more fulfilling now. I have done a complete 180 degree turn on my life and it gives me the highest amount of satisfaction to be serving others with love, knowledge, grace and KNOWING that I am helping those who feel disenfranched, frustrated and spinning their wheels into that of the powerful, purposeful and happy individuals that they can be…. is honestly the most GOD and life giving purposes one could hope for.

I LIVE a life that I can now live with and one in which I can use my past misery to feel and know that it accounted for something. And I know that many of my clients feel the same way when they can now feel what it is to feel that life giving purpose that feeds and fulfils them daily. I love sharing my tools and methods for life reinvention as I have truly walked the talk and know what it takes to make a HUGE change in one’s life. Totally from an emotional, mental and spiritual sense. Nothing gives me more satisfaction, joy and reason for being than my wonderful students and clients whose lives change before my eyes.

Build an altruistic wealth generating lifestyle business platform

 I also teach both men and women how to create a lifestyle business so that they can create an altruistic online business with purpose providing the financial sovereignty and freedom they have always dreamt of. Infused with my knowledge from generating major publicity around the world in over 90 countries, I teach the strategies that cookie cutter PR people don’t! The proof is in the pudding. I walk my talk. If you have a project, whether it be a book, DVD series, audio series and want to learn how to build a You Inc business that utilises your experience, knowledge and true purpose then my team and I have built a stellar reputation amongst a world of ‘textbook theorists’.

Maximum exposure is PR gold and will make sure that our clients stand out amongst the thousands of books, products and services that are released daily. Our seven figure online Empire Builder Series that is due for release soon will blow the lid on how to skyrocket your attempts to finally be released from the drudgery of having an unsatisfying career working for the man. It will show you how and mentor you on the steps needed to take the journey from a highly experienced and skilled worker into being a digital lifestyle entrepreneur and living on purpose and serving those people that could really benefit from your skills and knowledge. We have 30 years of experience amongst our team here, including an amazing corporate trainer who knows human behaviour, social media, sales, marketing and branding intimately. He is also responsible for curating the stories, for Gwyneth’s viral sensations.

My Passions

 As well as leading retreats, mentoring clients to both life and financial break throughs I love to keep abreast of current political issues and social changes, create educational and inspiring videos for my recently opened YouTube account, Tweet on Twitter and am passionate about helping people reach their full potential.

I absolutely love to travel and find inspiring places to hold my 30-day life detox events.

One of my past hobbies that I was truly passionate about was learning to fly aircraft. I even obtained my full Commercial Pilots License and flew charters in general aviation for a while. Though I now only fly for fun, aviation is a huge passion of mine and being able to be at the controls of an aircraft is one of my proudest and satisfying accomplishments to date.

 Gwyneth Montenegro