From obscurity
to global sensation.

Without a doubt Gwyneth Montenegro would have to be amongst some of the most recognizable female motivationalists within her area of expertise today. Sharing her particular vision of empowerment among women the world over.

Actually when news first broke of her sensational and heartfelt story, within a handful of months it had been covered by over four thousand individual pieces of media and generated online ‘clicks’ measured in the billions.

This remarkably modest and unassuming woman was breaking records everywhere.

Her astonishing story had the world captivated and with that newfound exposure Gwyneth had a platform to share her message. A message of empowerment, a message that women the world over can steadfastly overcome almost any adversity and step into their own unique power.

 A message that women can be confident and powerful contributors within the world. Not second rate to any person, situation or thing. Better still, a hallmark of her teachings is the revealing of techniques used by empowered women the world over to better understand men at an intimate level.

To outplay the player as it were.

Her own life story has often been referred to as a fairy tale gone terribly wrong. An awkward, mercilessly bullied young girl, betrayed by those she was closest to who found herself plunging into a world that was the polar opposite to everything she held dear. Only to use those experiences to grow stronger, smarter and to eventually step in as an absolute game changer in her field.

Her secret? She’d drifted toward the sex trade. Remarkably she'd shared time with in excess of 10,000 men, from businessmen to movie stars.

In the midst of this she’d accomplished something truly remarkable, she’d journaled each encounter. She'd meticulously noted habits, characteristics and individual nuances at an intimate level. Notes that would eventually prove invaluable as the basis of her future studies and eventually the very teachings shared with her female clientele.

Talk about turning a desperately bad situation into something life changing and positive! It's inspiring.

Nowadays Gwyneth Montenegro has demonstrated her expertise in her field. Gwyneth is a MNLP (Master Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and personally developed two previously uncontemplated methodologies known as Intimacy Programming and Intimate Profiling. Both are utterly fascinating.

Gwyneth’s remarkable story is intriguing, motivating and rather entertaining. If you ever have an opportunity to hear her speak, grab that ticket with both hands and go. You won’t regret it.


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