Gwyneth Montenegro | Speaking
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Have you ever listened to someone who has left you speechless? Perhaps you’ve taken on-board a shared story that changed your outlook on life entirely. Gwyneth Montenegro is one such person with a story you can’t miss.

Supporting powerful life lessons from the most unlikely of places Gwyneth Montenegro has a message that has helped thousands of women around the world achieve something many women struggle with, to attain total confidence.

Actually it was recently learned that notes from Gwyneth Montenegro were secretly being passed around between women within a middle eastern refugee camp. These notes were used to bolster confidence within the self esteem of women living in dire circumstances.

Gwyneth is a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner, a Teacher/Trainer, Hypnotist as well as the creator of the Intimacy Programming and Intimate Profiling methodologies. Oh, and as if that isn’t enough, she’s a fully qualified commercial pilot as well.

Gwyneth Montenegro is one of the most humble of people you’ll meet who’s life was, well… a fairy-tale gone dreadfully wrong. Until such time as she took decisive measures to turn it around. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but best of all you’ll leave with a whole new insight on possibilities.

Gwyneth Montenegro is available to speak at selected events. If you are interested in having Gwyneth speak at your event please make contact via the form on this page.

Keynote speeches for the 2018 season include:-

You are not the sum of your past experiences.
What if your past didn’t matter? What if the one thing holding you back from living a complete, fulfilling and inspiring life was gone in a matter of moments? Like a virtual eraser!

You are only ever one bad decision away from disaster.
Learn how one bad decision caused a domino effect and the consequences of which entrapped me for years. Even if you’re sailing along perfectly in life, you will learn the importance of making conscious smart decisions and exactly how to do it.

Step into your power and claim your unique destiny.
Your perceived reality is not necessarily your actual reality. How you influence and make your daily decisions will decide your ultimate fate. When you define you, you are no longer the prisoner of what others think, you are no longer living by anyone’s rules but your own. Be in the drivers seat and create a compelling life.
Sexual assault and it’s ramifications on your future.
Sexual assault needn’t be a negative anchor for the rest of your life. Free yourself from the limiting choices and ramifications on your relationships, view of yourself, interpersonal skills and create a life of empowerment and happiness.
The secrets men wish women knew.
From their very lips are the secrets men wish women knew. You’ll be fascinated as we explore ever deeply into what it is to be a modern day man.
Legalized prostitution and it’s ramifications on society.
Discussions include; setting a safety benchmark, legal recognition and legitimacy afforded to others, the control tracking and treatment of sexually transmittable diseases, taxing the sex trade.